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Private Personal Training

What keeps you motivated and interested will keep you fit and active! We can help you explore Olympic rings, Powerlifting, Pilates, Boxing, Kettlebells and more.

The most important part of being physically fit or beginning fitness activities, is understanding your body and how it works. When most people exercise, whether in a class or on their own, they are really just going through the motions and mimicking what they see others doing. Unless you understand why you’re doing something or what it’s for, are you really becoming fitter?

A good example of this is back exercises, probably one of the hardest muscles to work properly. It is far too common that people use there traps and arms instead of actually using their lats and rhomboids. Understanding the proper form of retracting and depressing your shoulders before rowing is really key in preventing a stiff neck and encouraging proper posture!

Squatting is also another example of an exercise commonly executed improperly. If your heals are lifting and your knees are buckling the only thing that you are working on is possible joint issues! Sitting back and using your heels when you squat is important to activate all your major muscles in your legs correctly including the glutes!

We will educate you on how to properly do each exercise and teach you what and why it is important. We then progress to developing a functional and dynamic program combining isolated exercises with everyday movements. By incorporating balance work, co-ordination and range of motion, we strengthen your joints, core and stabalizers to prevent injuries so you can apply physical activity to everyday life on or off the field!

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If you’re in a regular training routine and want to step it up or break through a plateau to see more changes in your body, enlisting in a personal trainer is important even for trainers themselves. There is always something you can be doing differently or more of to challenge yourself and change your body.

Circuit training for example, is something we commonly do at Studio Fitness. To incorporate body weight training, with resistance training and compound movements we help condition and strengthen we positively effect body composition.

Circuits can be done in a number of ways depending on a person’s fitness level and their goals. If you’re looking to lose weight or tone up we can create a circuit with more exercises in a shorter time period with power movements some agility and static holds or isolated exercises in between which would create some intense intervals! You definitely won’t leave here thinking you could have done that on your own!

For the hard gainers out there, we can design various “5 by 5” programs and incorporate some power lifting to really boost that testosterone. Keep in mind training can only get you so far if it is not complimented with a proper nutrition plans. Sometimes it is as simple as knowing what to eat and when to eat it to keep your metabolism and digestive system on track. Speak with our holistic nutritionist to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts!

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Changing up your workout is not only great to keep you motivated but it is also important to work your body in different ways to eliminate any imbalancements and activate less dominant muscles or muscles you never knew you had!

Yoga and Strength Training are definitely very complimentary. If you’ve never tried one or the other, Studio Fitness is a great place to start! We love working with yoga enthusiasts who want help getting stronger, like improving handstands for example. If you’ve never done Yoga and need to work on lengthening tight muscles, our small group classes or private yoga would be a great option for you.

By combining Range of Motion exercises and breaking down Yoga movements we have created a great way to strengthen the lower back and abs, loosen the hips and prevent injuries. Body weight training is also something we love doing here!

Can you do a muscle up? Have you ever tried monkey bars in your adult years? It’s a lot harder than it looks and definitely requires a lot of strength! We can help you explore Olympic rings, Powerlifting, Pilates, Boxing, Kettlebells, Sandbag training, agility work, sports conditioning, and also offer Rehabilitative work.
What keeps you motivated and interested will keep you fit and active!

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