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Don’t be surprised if you meet celebrities in Studio Fitness, some of them enjoy our service and talk about their unforgetable experience.

Studio Fitness has provided me with a remarkably motivating environment. From the beginning I have been supported in my personal goals by the Studio’s combination of professional resources and welcoming warmth from trainers who are experienced, inventive and focused.
I have ample opportunity to exercise on my own time in the clean and airy weight room with views in two directions onto colourful Queen Street. The Studio is also exceptional in its ability to integrate both men and women; this is an altogether wonderful place for anyone who is serious about getting in shape

— Nadina Mackie Jackson (UofT, Roayl Conservatory of Music)

Jason Momoa Training with MoConan the Barbarian and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa in prep at  Studio Fitness with Level 3 trainer Mo to play the villain in Wolves, the feature directorial debut of X-Men.
First off, thanks for the sessions man. You worked me hard and I needed that for sure! without my time spent training with you this trip woulda been way different. Each day since day one has basically been a full days workout woth no days off. We kayak, and it works the shit out of the biceps and obliques. We learn to raft guide which blasts the shoulders, bi’s, and Lats. And this last week we did a 6 day canoe expedition. We paddled 136+ kilometers in 6 days, paddling 9 hours a day with 1 hour lunch break. It was retarded. Not only was I super thankful to the upper body work you did (which helped) but oddly enough all of the squats and lunges and leg-presses you had me doing came in handy when I had to portage (carry a canoe on your shoulders and walk with it) for 1.5 kilometers one day!!
I feel like my strength Is going through the roof at a rapid pace every day with all the work.

— Jeremie Saunders

Hill Harper with Studio Fitness owner NavHill Harper who plays Dr. Sheldon Hawkes in CSI:NY with Mo from Studio Fitness
Can’t believe it, honestly, with all the training I never thought it would actually get here, or that I would actually finish it [marathon] without being picked up by the bus for the people who can’t finish.
But despite the cold constant rain, sometimes pelleting, the slippery slopes up and down, I made it. I crossed that finish line with almost a good 15 minutes to spare, and when that gorgeous firefighter in a tuxedo gave me my necklace, it was all I could do to smile and ask, am I done now?

— Caterina

Rossif Sutherland and Lauren HammersleyRossif Sutherland from ER and Lauren Hammersley (from CBC’s TV series Mr. D) with Studio Fitness owner Nav
Thank you for keeping us active during this past year. We look forward to many more years of sweat & muscle pain.

— Love Grant & Neda 🙂

You are your own pioneer. Your ever faithful client.

— Caterina

Thank you for your patience and for helping me through all of my difficult issues.

— Francis

Carl and MimiCarl in his first competition placed 2nd in Men’s Middle Weight Bodybuilding at IDFA. Mimi placing in her first competition at OPA.
Thanks for taking care of the machine. With everything going on this year I would have been a mess without you.

— Jonathan

Thanks for everything — I really feel like I turned a corner with my training this year!

— Mo