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Periodization Training Program and Pricing

A guide to help you avoid training plateaus & eliminate injuries

Our typical training package consists of a 3 month period, designed for people with specific goals such as weight loss, or others with little or no training experience. It is a structure created to get your body through phases, to prevent injuries, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and maintain muscle balance. This structure begins your body on the right path to see results, and maintains progress for your lifestyle change.

No membership fees, free gym access!
(space permitting)

Phase One

Stability ball training used to strengthen joints eg. rotator cuff
Help increase flexibility
Multi-joint movements
Mind and body co-ordination
Increase aerobic capacity
Core strength
More functional exercises
Grasp concepts of muscle isolation and form

Phase Two

Muscle isolation and compound exercises
Increased intensity, circuit training incorporated
Strength training techniques eg. drop setting, negatives
Challenging balance and co-ordination
Push endurance capabilities

Phase Three

Interval training program for fat burning
Incorporate advance training methods, increase muscular endurance and aerobic capacity
Body weight exercises eg. calisthenics, plyometrics
Challenge intensity to help build stamina

Once training level advances you would go into Phase Four, Phase Five etc.

Our clients may use the studio, at anytime, on their own
at no additional fees!

Average price for a 3 Month training package depending on trainer, and number of times training per week is $70 per session.

The chart below indicates number of times per week and the price per session

Level One Trainer
Level Two Trainer
Level Three Trainer
Level Four Trainer
* HST not included
* Training 2-3 times per week depends on individual program and goals.
* No membership fees or additional charges for use of Studio for clients.
* Studio time for cardio and to train on own is required to be booked in.

Pass Package
Drop In
1 mo. / 8 Class
3 mo. / 24 Class
6 mo. / 48 Class
Per Class
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