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Reason for the Assessment

Assessing the reason for why a client decides to start exercising is a key part of the physical examination. A specific Goal or Complaint (from injury, posture, or stress…) can be used to customize the assessment to look for specific conditions, strengths or weaknesses. The assessment focuses on the basics of health and physical abilities that will make the training regiment and exercise choices more precise and client specific.

Gathering Information

The physical assessment contains two kinds of information: subjective and objective. A patient’s feedback is subjective information. A trainer’s observations are considered objective information.

Every client will go through 1 hr of:

  • PAR-Q (takes 5 mins)
  • Personal Background – History (takes 5-10 mins)
  • Medical History (takes 5 mins)
  • Nutrition and wellness questionnaire (takes 10 mins)
  • Lifestyle habits-behavior (takes 5 mins)
  • Physical strength and weakness Diagnostic Testing (takes 15 to 20 mins)


    Trainers use a variety of techniques assessing the clients’ physical capabilities and strengths. The assessment is to identify any imbalancement, the client’s range of motion and flexibility, cardiovascular capacity and stability.


    A physical assessment is done so that the head trainer can obtain information that will allow for matching the right client’s health needs with the right trainer and design and execute of specific and effective training program.


    Physical assessments once per month help the trainer and the client detect progress and lack of progress.

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