Fitness Transformation
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A pursuit worth your sweat and tears is one where you look in the mirror and see the person you wanted to become. We’ll guide you, you’ll put in the hard work, and you will witness your transformation.


Tom was a chef for his family business creating traditional comfort foods. Training at Studio Fitness has changed his lifestyle. He has now branched out on his own and is known as “The Nature Chef”.

I loved the private atmosphere at Studio Fitness, where you truly feel paid attention too, it makes you push yourself harder and that you’re getting your money’s worth. I was matched with a trainer that knew my goals and developed a plan to get there.

My personal trainer had the energy and positive outlook on life which really helps you get through the gruesome workouts especially at the beginning. I had continuous positivity, health advice, and newsletters to help me create a new lifestyle.

Now my life is where I want it to be, thanks to Nav and the crew, I will be able to maintain it for the rest of my life!

Before: 200lbs, 22% body fat
After: 155 lbs, 10% body fat

Vava Fitness Transformation

Vava has inspired many people with her dedication to fitness. She started off very strong but her muscles were not visible. Her body type required a change in diet and very high intense conditioning style workouts to keep her sweating and burning. After an elimination diet of cutting out foods that did not sit well with her (ie gluten) she was on her way to getting ripped.

Helen Fitness Transformation

Helen had an ambitious goal and we guided her along the way. She’s already lost 100lbs and remains with Studio-Fitness focused on completing her transformation.

When I first became a client of Studio Fitness, I was extremely overweight, unfit and intimidated by the equipment and the “gym” environment. They customized and modified my workouts every session and always paid particular attention to my form. Within 10 months of clean eating and consistent training at the studio, I was able to lose 100lbs, gain lean muscle, build amazing strength and regain my confidence and vitality! I always had a hard time keeping up with my kids. I’d have to tell them “kids, wait for me!”, now they both say, “mom, wait for us!”.

Before: 300lbs
After: 200lbs

Robert Fitness Transformation

Robert was scouted into Elmer Olsen’s modeling agency 6 weeks after starting a training program at Studio Fitness. Robert’s training was very focused on his posture and core strength. Teaching him body awareness, working on his balance and co-ordination helped him develop muscles that shaped and toned him.

Chris Fitness Transformation

Chris went from being very inactive to understanding how to put a workout program together and executing it on his own. The proper understanding of form in the gym has helped him eliminate lower back and joint pain. Switching from comfort foods to a well balanced diet has helped increase his energy and trimmed down his waist line alongside the training.

“I have never been an athlete or owned a gym membership although I have dabbled in fitness routines over the years with limited results. I work 10 hour days on my feet and suffer from gout and I used to barely have the energy to make it through the day. I was overweight with inflamed joints and led a lethargic way of life.
When I first was introduced to Studio Fitness, I was amazed how great everyone was with me and how positive and fun the atmosphere is. Nav and his team took their time with me and have guided me every step of the way with weight training, core balance, nutrition and overall lifestyle. I was taught behavioural techniques that changed me and eliminated myths.
Most of all however is that my body changed drastically. My family, friends , peers and co-workers have all been amazed at my metamorphosis and I have proven many points and even won a few bets. Everyone has agreed that if I can do it, ANYONE can. I look great and feel even better than I have ever in my entire life and continue to maintain a fresh and balanced new lifestyle.

Sincerely, Chris Melsted

Chris Fitness Transformation

Izabella was a typical case of wanting to loose a few inches and tone up. By circuiting body weight exercises and strength training with intervals, we were able to achieve her goals. We increased her strength and her cardiovascular capacity to help increase her metabolism and change her body composition.